Julien Daubanes

Working Papers

Recent working papers:

"Why Do Firms Issue Green Bonds?" MIT (CEEPR) Working Paper, with Shema Mitali and Jean-Charles Rochet

"How Should We Tax the Use of Nonrenewables Under a Public Budget Constraint?" MIT (CEEPR) Working Paper, with Pierre Lasserre

Examples of research in progress:

"Labor Income in Free Access, Private Ownership, and Informality: Theory and Evidence from the Gold Mining Sector," with Jeremy Laurent-Lucchetti and Emmanuel Milet

"The Sensitivity of Oil Companies' Reserves to the Oil Price," with Saraly Andrade de Sá and Diego Cardoso

"Optimal Green Finance," with Justin Caron

"Stock Returns and Firms' Green Commitments," with Reem Ismail and Andrea Rangel