Julien Daubanes


Selected publications in peer-reviewed academic journals:

Daubanes, J., F. Henriet, and K. Schubert (2021) "Unilateral CO2-Reduction Policy with More than One Carbon Energy Source," JAERE

Daubanes, J., and J.-C. Rochet (2019), "The Rise of NGO Activism," AEJ: Economic Policy

Daubanes, J., and P. Lasserre (2019), "The Supply of Non-Renewable Resources," Canadian Journal of Economics

Andrade de Sá, S., and J. Daubanes (2016), "Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax," Journal of Public Economics

Other selected publications:

Daubanes, J., and P.-Y. Yanni (2019), "The Optimal Taxation of Robots," IEB report

Daubanes, J., and P.-Y. Yanni (2019), "The Rise of Robots, Employment, Income Inequality, and Optimal Taxation," contribution to the OECD (2018) Economic Survey of the United States

Daubanes, J. (2018), "Sustainable Management of a Productive Natural Capital," OECD Working Paper, contribution to the OECD (2017) Economic Survey of Iceland"

Daubanes, J., and S. Andrade de Sá (2014), "Taxing the Rent of Non-Renewable Resource Sectors: A Theoretical Note," OECD Working Paper