Current Appointments:

  • 2018-present: Assistant Professor, University of Geneva (Geneva School of Economics and Management)

  • 2019-present: External Researcher, MIT (Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research)

  • 2019-present: CESifo Research Network Fellow

Previous Appointments:

  • 2016-2018: Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen (Department of Food and Resource Economics)

  • 2019-2021: Vice-president elect for scientific activities of the French Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

  • 2010-2016: Research Associate, ETH Zurich

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Julien Daubanes is an Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva (GSEM). He is also an External Researcher at MIT (CEEPR), and a CESifo Research Fellow. He received both his M.Sc. in Economic Theory and Econometrics in 2004 and his Ph.D. in Economics in 2007 from the Toulouse School of Economics, and the 2008 thesis prize of the French Economic Association.

His research focuses on environmental economics, studying how energy markets respond to climate policy, as well as corporate voluntary actions, including green finance. His work has been published in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and Energy Economics, among other peer-reviewed academic journals.